SJWFASTPITCH Fastpitch Softball Pitching Instruction - PRIDE. Believing is Achieving.
 My name is Stacey Johnson-Whitfield.  I offer fastpitch softball pitching instruction for all ages. My philosophy is Quality over Quantity.  As a former player, and now a coach, I feel that pitchers should take their time to understand the pitching form before concentrating on speed.  With that being said, I guide my students to master pitches rather then worry about the number of pitches.  The mental part of the game is something not many pitching coaches touch upon but I try to inform my students of that part of the game just as much as the physical.  There are many different types of pitchers and I coach to what I think is each student's strengths.
  My job as a coach is to not only bring out the best in all my pitchers, but to help them develop into wonderful young ladies. I take pride in the relationships I have built over the years with my students, their parents, and coaches. 
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