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Testimonials :
"Stacey started teaching me when I was 11 years old and always kept up with my softball even outside of pitching lessons. She helped me grow not only as a pitcher and a player, but also as a person. She got me through injuries, and always could relate to me with any situation I had whether it was on or off of the field. She is a great role model as a coach and as a friend, and I can go to her about anything."
 Hailey Grimoskas, student
 Sophmore softball player at USC Sumter
"It's hard to believe its only been four years since my first lesson and now I'm entering my Freshman year of High School. Stacey taught me both the physical and mental part of the game. I was at ASA 14U Nationals and Coach Rhonda Revelle from Nebraska was walking around during practice games she said I caught her eye and said "my mechanics were good and my spins were excellent, it's nice to see the ball do what its supposed to do" Your dedication to drills and perfection has made the difference."
Madey Smith
NJ Intensity Travel
Warren Hills HS
 "Stacey started coaching me when I was 14 and has helped me tremendously! I came to her with some pretty bad habits in my motion and, although it wasn't easy, she helped me get rid of them. She always found creative ways to get me to pitch with good mechanics. Stacey didn't just teach me about pitching, she taught me about the whole game of softball. Whether it was teaching me about what pitch to throw when or how to get more time on the mound, she never hesitated to help me out. Because of Stacey my pitching has continuously improved and I was able to help pitch my team to ASA 16u Nationals in Alabama last summer. I would not be the pitcher I am today without her."
Kelsey Caldwell
Newtown Rock Travel
Calvery Christian Academy
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